Everlasting Home Healthcare, LLC

"In Home Care To Last A Lifetime"

About Us

                          Tina Jensen, Decorah, Iowa

Tina is a partner in the development and ownership of Everlasting Home Healthcare, LLC.  Tina is a 1997 graduate from Decorah High School.  She has extensive training in the areas of communication, and compassion of all ages, along with disabilities.  Tina is presently involved in becoming certified as an "End of Life" expert and extensive understanding of Alzheimer disease so that our staff are able to be the most compassionate.  Tina is the mother of six children. Tina has a work history of working with the elderly, people with disabilities, management, finances, human resources, and operations of a company for over 20 years.  Tina volunteers through her children's school, church related activities, and has a passion in her heart to help others.  She identifies that everyone is different so no one set of care can be justified for another, therefore, personal touches are a must.  Everlasting Home Healthcare, LLC was designed to meet the needs of individuals of all ages.

                                               "If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded"......Maya Angelou 


                                  Stacy Davies, Edgewood, Iowa

Stacy is a partner in the development and ownership of Everlasting Home Healthcare, LLC.  Stacy is a 2001 graduate from Guttenberg High School.  She has Associate in Arts in Criminal Justice, Legal Assistant from Northeast Iowa Community College, and a Bachelor in Science majoring in Human Resources, with a minor in Psychology through Upper Iowa University.  Stacy is also certified as an American Heart Association instructor for infants, children, and adults.  Stacy is a mother of three children. Stacy has a work history of management, communication, social worker, working with individuals of varying ages, and disabilities for over 17 years.  Stacy volunteers and is a supporter of Boy Scouts of America.  She believes attention needs to be developed as a team in order to achieve individualized care that is designed solely for the particular individual.  Everlasting Home Healthcare, LLC was developed to maintain the personal touch to our own hometown communities.

                                                                    "A life living for others, is a life worthwhile" ...Albert Einstein

                              Our Mission To You

Our mission is to provide our clients with affordable home health care services and support in a home-based environment.  By providing your loved one with quality in-home care, your loved one will be in an environment that is familiar, reducing stress, and allowing him/her to maintain the level of independence they are accustomed to.

We know that the need for care varies from client to client and every situation is different.  That is why each one of our care plans is customized to fit the situation and can be changed as needs change.  Whether you need help with personal cares, grocery shopping, transportation to and from the doctor, or cleaning around the house Everlasting Home Healthcare, L.L.C. can provide the service promptly and efficiently.


At home care needs often arise unexpectedly.  Whether you need assistance one time or ongoing, we can help.  You decide the times you need us and we work with you to develop the home care plan – it is that simple!

We encourage a professional work environment where everyone feels valued and rewarded for their contributions, loyalty, commitment, and team spirit.  We believe our clients should have the highest quality caregivers.  Everlasting Home Healthcare, L.L.C. uses a rigorous selection process in their hiring process.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer who is compassionate, reliable, and trustworthy.  We also have the extra quality of genuine care.  Our highest priority is caregivers’ competency and compassion which will earn your trust.  In completing the interviewing process we ask ourselves "would I want this person caring for my loved one?"

Everlasting Home Healthcare, L.L.C. is dedicated to demonstrating compassion, quality, and respect for individuals.  Where clients take control and make their own choices for their caregiving options.  Our belief is that care can last a lifetime and during our lifetime we are there to stand beside you to enhance it.  Our goal is to offer exceptional care like you would give to your own family.